Every 5th Massage is HALF PRICE!

Welcome to our new massage loyalty program via the ‘Stamp Me‘ app for iPhone and Android.

It works the same as paper loyalty cards except that it’s on your phone. Hey, it’s a digital world!

Each time you come in for a massage you open up the app and scan our special offer code, which will give you 1 stamp.

Once you collect 4 stamps you’ll get a reward, which is 50% off your next massage with us!

NOTE: This will be an ‘ongoing’ reward so if you’re a regular client the HALF PRICE discount will apply to every 5th massage you enjoy. Yay! 😀

Visit StampMe.com on your phone today and download the free app.

Once you sign up you’ll find our ‘Touch Of Aloha – Receive 50% Off’ offer by tapping the ‘Around Me’ button and scrolling through the various offers until you see our logo.

Alternatively, you can simply use the ‘Quick Scan’ function when you come and have your massage and you’ll be joined automatically.

Just tap ‘Join’ and you’re all set to start collecting your first stamp with us on your very next visit.

Get started today and earn rewards for simply rewarding yourself with really great massage. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free!