how-often-should-you-have-a-massageThis is a question that we’re asked a lot by our clients.

The answer is different for everybody and will depend on your state of health, your time and your finances.

Ideally, if you can manage to have a massage once per week, you will be largely ‘maintaining’ and building on the work and healing that has been done in the prior sessions.

To put it another way, you’re not allowing the tension to build up and take hold of your body, mind and emotions, allowing you to function and move through your daily life with much more ease and focus.

However, if every week is too much for you, the next best option is to have your massage, once per fortnight. Although this is not as great as having a massage every week, it will still provide you with excellent health benefits. If a fortnightly massage suits you better, you may like to book in for 90 minutes (instead of 60 minutes) to allow for more time to work out the tension in those areas that need it most, without me needing to rush on other areas of your body.

Last but not least, is having your massage every month. This in my opinion is the absolute minimum if you want to maintain a basic level of ease and flow in your body. Beyond this and any work that has been done in a previous session is completely lost. This is especially so if you lead a stressful to moderately stressful lifestyle.

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So, ultimately a massage once per month is minimum. Next best is once per fortnight. And the absolute best option is if you can come and have a massage every week. The long-term health benefits of a weekly massage are really incredible. You’re investing in not only feeling good today, but in your long-term future health and wellbeing.

I myself try and get a 90 minute massage every single week. If I happen to miss a week because I’m super busy (I’m a mum as well as a massage therapist), I really notice it. So I really make it a top priority to book in my massage every week. That way I’m feeling really good and I’m able to pass this onto you and make you feel good too.

So when was the last time you had a really great massage? Why not come and see us this week at our massage gold coast sanctuary.

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