The ancient modality of Hot Stone Massage has experienced a big resurgence in recent years and has re-established itself as an a popular and very effective healing method.

Although a seemingly ‘new’ addition to the growing number of exotic sounding body treatments offered by therapists, Hot Stone Massage is actually one of the ‘oldest’ of all the healing modalities, having been practiced by many different cultures for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.

So what exactly is Hot Stone Massage and where does it’s healing power come from?

It is a well-known fact that heat applied to the body can be very healing, however not so well-known is the fact that stones themselves also have powerful healing qualities.

Many native cultures believe that stones have innate ‘healing powers’ and the Hawaiian culture which is well known for its many effective healing methods, believe that stones are in fact, ‘keepers of the spirit’ and are in fact ‘alive’.

Further to this, every type of stone has a different vibrational quality that in turn effects the vibration of everything it comes in contact with.

The most common and effective stones used for hot stone therapy are volcanic ‘basalt’, which tend to have a soft, soothing vibration, which has a potent calming effect on the person receiving a hot stone therapy treatment, and at the same time an ‘energising’ effect on the hot stone therapy practitioner.

Keeping this in mind, if you combine the healing power of heat, along with the healing vibration of the stones as well as the healing ‘intention’ of the hot stone therapy practitioner (and client), it should come as no surprise that more and more people are flocking to hot stone therapy for relief from their ailments. It is very healing!

So what can you expect in a Hot Stone Massage treatment?

Well, although hot stone therapy treatments will vary considerably in quality, the stones themselves are used in 3 primary ways:

1) As a massaging tool in combination with the therapists hands.
2) Placed stationary on top of the body as part of a specific layout i.e. chakra balancing.
3) Placed underneath the weight of the body under the major muscles groups and especially along each side of the spine.

You’ll find that the best Hot Stone Massage treatments will last at least 90 minutes and some hot stone therapy treatments will go beyond 2 hours. This longer time is needed to experience the full benefit of the stones.

Do not even bother with a Hot Stone Massage session that is less than 90 minutes, unless of course you are enjoying it as one of my popular massage enhancements / upgrades to your remedial massage or lomi lomi massage. Otherwise you may be left wondering what all the hype was about.

When done properly, most people experience very deep levels of relaxation and some clients often have profound personal realizations while having a Hot Stone Massage treatment, as the stones work on unblocking energy patterns on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

This is why it is recommended that on the day of your Hot Stone Massage booking you plan your schedule accordingly so that you give yourself plenty of time after the treatment to allow yourself to slowly ‘come back and ground.

Although the effects of each Hot Stone Massage treatment will be unique for each person depending on their current health condition and state of mind etc, if you have a desire for healing on any level, you would do well to experience a Hot Stone Massage at least once in your life.

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Tania Hodder - Your Gold Coast Massage Therapist at Touch Of Aloha