Welcome to Touch Of Aloha Massage Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise. 🌺

If you’re looking for a really great massage that’ll leave you feeling deeply relaxed, totally rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world, look no further, you’ve found it! 😄

Hi, my name is Tania Hodder and I’ve been massaging here on the beautiful GC for the past 20 years.

Lots of people tell me that I do the best massage on the Gold Coast and while I enjoy hearing that, it’s really just personal opinion. No-one can be ‘the best’ to everybody.

However, I always do my absolute best to give every client an amazing massage experience, which keeps them coming back for more!


Touch Of Aloha Massage Gold Coast Reviews


My practice (or ‘massage sanctuary’ as I prefer to call it) is located just a few minutes from the centre of Surfers Paradise, just over the bridge on Thomas Drive, Chevron Island. It’s clean, beautifully appointed, and so very relaxing.

It’s where I work my ‘special magic’ that’ll soothe away your stress and discomfort and make you feel all brand new!

Did I mention that my massage tables are custom designed to be incredibly comfortable? I’ve designed them personally to be extra wide and with double padding, which makes them so wonderfully luxurious to lay down on.

You feel like you’re laying on a cloud and may even fall asleep during your treatment, but don’t worry, I take snoring as a compliment. 🙂

Whether you’re looking for soothing relaxation (pamper package) or a more intensive deep tissue treatment (or a combination of both), I will give you a fantastic non-sexual therapeutic massage customized to your particular needs.

👉 Give me a call or text today on 0407 774 552 to book your appointment. You’ll be so glad that you did. So many of my clients really do say, “This is the BEST massage I have ever had!”

Of course, I want you to feel the same way too, and so I will always strive to give you the very best treatment possible.

“When you are at my place you’ll be treated like you are the most important person in the world!”


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my client reviews:
“The BEST place to have a massage on the Gold Coast!!! REALLY!”
Trinelle Chakabuda
5 Star Review

“Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! I came out feeling like a new woman!!”
Leena Dufty
5 Star Review

“This place gave me one of the best massages I’ve had in Australia. She also does pregnancy massage and I would recommend her without reservation. So good at doing deep tissue. Loved it!”
Seanna Bryanne Harper
5 Star Review

“This is the most incredible massage you will experience. Like no other I have had.”
Helen McKenna
5 Star Review

“Beautiful, simply beautiful! As a lecturer of massage, I have a very high expectation for massage treatments and Tania is exceptional at what she does! Much love to you, thank you for your care and nurturing!”
Lina Markham
5 Star Review

“AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I recommend everyone give this amazing massage a whirl…its just magical…Aloha.”
Deborah Powell
5 Star Review

You can read dozens more of my client reviews at my official Touch Of Aloha Massage Gold Coast Facebook page and also on Trip Advisor.

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my services:

Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (also known as Kahuna Massage) is an amazing style of bodywork that involves the use of the forearms (in addition to the hands and fingers) in long-flowing, gliding strokes along the body (effleurage).

Learn more

Pregnancy Massage

If you are expecting, then you will absolutely love my Pregnancy Massage here at Touch Of Aloha. It’s pain-relieving, deeply relaxing and wonderfully rejuvenating.

Learn more

Remedial Massage

A Remedial Massage treatment is the perfect choice for when you have particular problem areas that you would like me to assess and treat for a specific therapeutic benefit.

Learn more

more happy clients:
“Tania gives the most incredible massages. In fact, I’m reluctant to go anywhere else cause when I do it usually pails in comparison. She gives the ultimate combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage in a continuous flow that is simply mesmerising. Highly recommended!”
James Thomas
5 Star Review

“Absolutely AMAZING!! Tania has thought of all the fine details to present the most amazing prestigious massages. I cannot recommend them enough! I’ll certainly be back!”
Byron Bourne
5 Star Review

“Simply the BEST massage Surfers Paradise has to offer – a ‘must have’ massage experience. You will love it!”
Julie Saunders
5 Star Review

“As a practitioner of complementary / alternative medicine, and an experienced massage therapist myself I can confidently recommend Touch Of Aloha to anyone wanting to experience what is in my opinion, ‘The best massage on the GC!’ I’m hooked!”
Karen Johnson
5 Star Review

“Walked in feeling like I was made of concrete… if I was any more relaxed when I left, I’d have been a liquid! I’ll be booking in again soon for sure :)”
Jane Christensen
5 Star Review

“Best place on the Gold Coast for the most indulging, relaxing massage ever.”
Amanda Cini
5 Star Review

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my massage prices:

60 Min Massage

Perfect when you're short on time and need a great massage!

90 Min Massage

$170Most Popular!
Allows time for deep relaxation AND to focus on problem areas.

120 Min Massage

The ultimate massage experience! You'll be floating out the door!

‘The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!’ – Sir Henry Royce

There’s plenty of ‘cheap’ massage around on the coast, however more often than not you get what you pay for.

If you love truly great massages (like I do) then I think you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than getting off the table and feeling like you’ve just wasted your money!

Here at Touch Of Aloha in Surfers Paradise you can rest assured that you’re going to have an deeply relaxing, soothing and satisfying experience EVERY time – guaranteed!

My client list includes film and television stars (including Hollywood A-List), professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and even royalty! So when you have a treatment with me you’re in very good company.

You’ll find my commitment to quality and genuine care for my client’s health, well-being and satisfaction are second to none, and I stand by my reputation.

More Praise for Touch Of Aloha

“What can I say! 4 years on a monthly basis says something about the Touch of Aloha experience. It is simply the best massage I have ever had and I have had a few over the years. It is very relaxing and stress relieving, but it also keeps me running, supple and flexible. At 60 I recently trekked to Mt Everest Base Camp a feat made easier by my regular massages with Tania. I would recommend Tania to anyone wanting a massage that is professional and therapeutic.”
Ray Callen
5 Star Review

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ideal treatment length:
How long a massage should I have?
While many people are accustomed to getting 60-minute massages, I’ve found after massaging thousands of happy clients over the last 18 years that 90 minutes is significantly more beneficial than 60 minutes.

Why? Because the extra 30 minutes allows you ‘the client’ to reach deeper levels of relaxation (which further effects a reduction in stress) AND allows me ‘the practitioner’ more time to focus on any problem areas you have, giving you a more effective, longer-lasting treatment.

It’s definitely worth the investment. In fact, my 90-minute sessions are my most popular!

Call or text me on 0407 774 552 to book!

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health fund rebates:

Health fund rebates for massage on the Gold Coast
As I am a recognised remedial massage therapist (RMT 1) and a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia, health fund rebates are available via HICAPS (or receipt) if your medical insurance covers you for remedial massage and you book in for a remedial session.

Call or text me on 0407 774 552 for more information and to see if your specific health fund is included.


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optional spa upgrades

Spa Packages Gold Coast

To make the most out of your 60-minute, 90-minute or 120-minute session, I invite you to ‘enhance’ your experience by including one or more of my indulgent aromatherapy-inspired sensory upgrades into your treatment time. (Note: I use doTERRA pure essential oils. Only the best for my clients!)

Choose one or add them all for the ultimate mini Day Spa package! (Upgrades not available as stand-alone treatments.)

1) Lavender Scalp Massage

Drift away in absolute bliss, deep relaxation and sensory delight with a beautiful lavender aromatherapy scalp massage.

Lavender Scalp Massage

Add $10

2) Peppermint Foot Scrub

Soothe those tired, aching feet with a nurturing, yet invigorating sugar foot scrub infused with peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint Foot Scrub

Add $15

3) Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy warm, silky-smooth Hawaiian hot stones gliding across your sore, tired muscles melting your stress and tension away.

Add $20

NOTE: These enhancements don’t extend your treatment ‘time’, rather they are integrated seamlessly and beautifully into your existing 60-minute, 90-minute or 120-minute treatment. My existing clients absolutely adore these sensory upgrades, and you will too!

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my guarantee:
Touch Of Aloha's 100% satisfaction guarantee gold seal of assurance
Whether you are looking for a pampering and relaxing spa retreat or you require deep tissue or remedial work to treat specific ailments (or perhaps you’d like a combination of both) I guarantee that you will LOVE your treatment with me or you won’t pay a cent.

Call or text me today on 0407 774 552 to book your appointment, or alternatively, you can buy a gift for someone special online via my secure massage gift voucher page.

Thanks so much for visiting my website today. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and to giving you the best massage on the Gold Coast. Aloha!

Tania Hodder - Your Gold Coast Massage Therapist at Touch Of Aloha

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